Review - Men's Body Scrub Soap

"But So Happy"

"Never got this excited over a soap before...but this one will do you in. I was so bummed when a retailer, mentioned above, stopped selling this soap, but so happy when Amazon started selling. Had to stock up. Amazing soap. Simply amazing."


"Made for MEN but can be used by tough WoMEN."

"Use to buy it at Target like many have stated and was bummed when they stopped selling it. Happy they started selling it on Amazon. It is a very rough exfoliating soap marketed towards Men, probably because of its rough grittiness. I mean this thing is close to sandpaper rough which is what I want after a long hard day of work. As an HVAC technician I have to crawl into dirty old attics as well as under houses at times, this soap scrubs off all the dirt like nothing and leaves me squeaky clean. I stocked up as soon as I saw it was availabe on Amazon and will continue to purchase in the future."


"102 is the best exfoliating soap bar by far"

"I have used kiehl's ultimate body scrub soap bar for years and also have tried jack black turbo body bar a couple of times. Marlowe No. 102 is the best exfoliating soap bar by far. Dry skin will scrub away easily especially in tough spots like your lower legs, feet and back of your arms. If you've never used an exfoliating soap before, this might be too intense of a scrub for you, start with kiehl's or jack black. I prefer the scent of the kiehl's soap but that won't affect my rating of Marlowe. The Marlowe scent doesn't linger so It doesn't bother me. Another plus is this soap is $9 less than what I'm used to paying!"


"The Paragon of Soaps"

""If you're anything like me you have spent countless hours looking for that 'perfect' bar of soap. Well, wayward traveler, I am happy to report that your search is at an end. You have found the paragon of bar soaps.

Do not be deceived by its subtle packaging, this soap would be the choice of the gods of Olympus. Your body is a temple and it should be treated as such. Marlowe No. 102 Body Scrub Soap is the only tool you need to achieve this perfect wash.

From the moment you open the packaging your olfactory senses will transport you back in time to the first moment you smelled something truly clean. Musky, yet subtle. Exotic, yet familiar. Immediately you realize that you have made a good choice.

But only upon application upon the skin will you fully comprehend the magnificence that is this soap. The exfoliating particles are the perfect circumference to cleanse the skin without scratchy. The lather froths to the perfect application to spread fully without overabundance. You can't help but marvel at the perfection that you are experiencing. Great care, countless hours of testing, have brought forth the perfect blend of materials to make a soap that is above all others.

When you dry yourself off after the first time you wonder, will this leave my skin oily as from moisturizing soaps? Or will I be too dry and feel by skin constantly chaff against itself? Surprisingly, you find neither. A balance only Buddhist monks could ever hope to achieve. Perfect zen washes over you as water particles evaporate off your newly found supple skin. Firm and soft, you notice that for the first time in your life you truly are... clean.""


"Best EVER"

"Soap of the Century! Best EVER!"


"Oh my God"

"I freaking love this soap. It feels like thousands of sexy porcupine quills filled with exotic pain killers, and it smells like Christmas at the cabin. I buy this by the crate and give it to my friends. No joke. Wow, I'm weirdly pumped about soap…"