Why Exfoliating is Important

Why Exfoliating is Important

Men who want to reveal the best version of themselves include exfoliating in their grooming and skincare routine. Exfoliating your skin provides a deep cleanse you can both feel and see. Here, exposure is very much desired. It’s truly Cutting the Crap.

For men, body hair is often thicker and therefore the follicles and pores are easily blocked up. Addressing the buildup of dead skin cells, blocked pores, ingrown hairs, dull skin, and wrinkles can all be accomplished with a good exfoliator. The body starts slowing down on some of its processes as you get older – don’t worry, it’s normal so sometimes your skin needs an extra boost in the skin renewal process in order to expose the handsome devil in you. 

Exfoliation is equally essential to the face as it is to the body. A scrub can expand its efficiency in other problem or acne potential areas like your back, chest, or elbows. Exfoliating is the perfect pre-shave remedy due its powers in exposing the hair follicles and unblocking pores. However, men often neglect the other half of their face after shaving. So, give your skin burdened by toxins, oils, and bacteria every week a clean slate. Applying light pressure with an exfoliator 1-2 times a week will bring your skin back to its bright and balanced self. Marlowe’s No. 102 Men’s Body Scrub Soap and No. 122 Men’s Facial Scrub meet all your exfoliating musts and more.

Watch out though: there is such thing as over doing it when it comes to exfoliation. Once your skin is released from those barriers, utilizing a non-oily hydrator or moisturizer will replenish and renew your skin for a fresh start. It’s essential to master this duo in skin care in order to avoid redness, increase acne, or irritation. Marlowe’s Men’s Body Lotion, Men’s Shave Gel or Men’s Shave Cream pair perfectly for this. Simply put, exfoliating ups your skincare game and makes grooming feel and look effortless.

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