Social Impact

Our Social Impact

For every item purchased, Marlowe. supports Clean the World® in hygiene and sustainability initiatives here in the U.S.*

The Problem:
Hygiene-Related Illnesses


Every day about 5,000 children worldwide die from preventable, hygiene-related illnesses such as acute respiratory infection (pneumonia) and diarrheal diseases (cholera)


American children under 17 contract more than 52 million cases of the common cold annually leading to nearly 22 million days of missed school due to the common cold alone


Children are 2–3x more likely than adults to contract the flu each season and frequently spread the virus to others


Handwashing with soap is the most effective way to prevent illnesses, though many at-risk people either do not have access to soap or are unaware of proper handwashing techniques for disease prevention


Every day more than 2 million bars of soap are thrown away to landfills across America, especially within the hospitality industry

Clean the World Partnership

Founded in 2009, Clean the World partners with 4,000 hotels and resorts to collect partially used bars of soap and discarded plastic amenity bottles that are then sanitized, recycled, and redistributed to children and families in desperate need of proper hygiene.

Leading a “Global Hygiene Revolution,” Clean the World aims to protect the environment through sustainable hotel recycling programs and save lives by delivering recycled soap, hygiene products, and hygiene education to children and families around the world.

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*For each Marlowe™ item purchased, Project Underground, LLC will donate $0.10 to Clean the World from 12/27/2015 to 12/27/2016. This purchase/donation is not tax deductible. Project Underground, LLC is solely responsible for this program and donations