About Us

Meet Marlowe.

Marlowe. is a socially-conscious, high-quality skincare line crafted with experiences and ingredients from around the globe. Each touch of Marlowe. evokes the spirit of a life well-lived.

The Marlowe. Essence

marlowe. [ mahr-loh] (adj):
characterized by a sense of adventure and worldliness

The spirit of Marlowe. can be found in everyone. Whether it is from experiences encountered through travel, engaging with other cultures, and learning from individuals of all walks of life, Marlowe. sparks the curiosity and adventure that lie within us all.

Driven by a passion for learning, creativity, and diversity, Marlowe. hopes to inspire people to live a full life and contribute to a better world. Since its founding, Marlowe. has proudly partnered with Clean the World to support disease prevention through hygiene and sustainability initiatives.

Marlowe. M Blend™

Featuring our proprietary Marlowe. M Blend , a highly moisturizing combination of antioxidants and extracts designed to nourish, smooth, and revitalize skin.

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Passion­flower Fruit Extract

High in Vitamin C and Iron to aide in skin restoration and moisture

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Green Tea Extract

Rich in antioxidants to help fuel skin cell repair and protect from environmental stresses

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Willow Bark Extract

Calming properties to help reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin

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Deep Sea Algae Extract

Nutrients extracted from deep ocean waters to help soothe sensitive or inflamed skin

Socially-Responsible Product

With every item purchased, Marlowe. supports Clean the World as they bring soap and education to communities around the U.S. at-risk for hygiene-related illnesses.

In year one, Marlowe. aims to help provide at-risk people in the U.S. with:

bars of soap


hand washes